Michael Harper




Life Love Spirit is an eclectic collection of songs and arias chosen simply because I liked them.
They represent some of the aspects of life-- love, spirituality, birth and death, pain,
sorrow, and joy.
The recording includes Lieder, Art Song, Arias and Spirituals.

My collaborators are Sarah Wilkinson and John Turville, pianists.
The arrangements of the spirituals are by John Turville.

MP3 samples:

 Litenai - Franz Schubert

 There's a Man Going Roun'

 Hush - Traditional

Two pieces by Reinhard Keiser (9 January 1674 – 12 September 1739)
With Lori McCann, Soprano and Sylvia Plyler, piano:

 Komm lass mich dich umfangen

 Aria Fahret Wohl


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