Michael Harper



Masterclasses & Workshops


Michael has taught masterclasses throughout Europe and the U.S. for nearly 10 years.

Based on his experience as a professional singer and an experienced teacher he offers advice through interpretation on how to sing well and get the best out of a piece of music.

“My aim is to discover and expose each person’s own abilities to find the song in themselves whether it be opera, Lieder, folk song, soul, blues, jazz or any other style. There is a natural flow that is present in everyone.”


Tuning your tonsils

For existing choirs or singing groups who make a good enough sound, but want to sound better.
In this workshop, you’ll work with your existing repertoire and learn some new songs.
You’ll also have the opportunity to explore physical, vocal and interpretational choices to improve your sound.

Breath Voice Spirit

The breath is the source of life, the flow.
It moves and inspires the body and the voice.
This workshop explores ways to free your breath, voice and spirit for better communication in singing and speaking.

It starts by exploring movement, breathing exercises and gentle relaxation techniques to achieve free breathing and to discover the full range and expression of your voice. These techniques are used to help you express yourself (your spirit) more confidently in a short individual lesson.

The workshop is intended for a small group of 10-12 people.

Talking Technique

An interesting and fun workshop to explore the ABCs of singing technique.
If you want to re-visit your technique and improve it, or you sing and have never had a lesson before, this workshop is for you!

The morning is designated to learning or revising the basics of anatomy, breathing and phonation.

The afternoon is a more in-depth look at joining up breath to voice to spirit.
Depending on numbers, there may be time for some one-to-one work with volunteers in front of the class.
So bring your party piece or a song you’d like to work on.

This workshop is suited to groups of music leaders in music services and or teachers leading singing in schools and/or community groups.

Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit

Though trained in classical music, Michael grew up in Virginia with a rich tradition of spirituals and gospel music.
Reflecting his roots he also sings and leads workshops of traditional spirituals and gospel with great gusto and a warm sense of fun.

The workshop is ideal for large or small groups, experienced, inexperienced or mixed.
The workshop can be acapella or accompanied.

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